QXSUBSPACE.COM is the home base for the SCIO, INDIGO and EDUCTOR devices and the only official database of registered, legal devices and software. QXSUBSPACE.COM is created together with the inventor and father of the biofeedback devices and modern medicine, Prof. Desire’ Dubounet (Prof. William Nelson), and QX WORLD LTD, the sole software and hardware development and support team for the SCIO, INDIGO and EDUCTOR devices.

Please use QXSUBSPACE.COM as a reference for the newest device registration and official software updates. We strongly recommend you check the validity of your biofeedback system serial number with us for your current device or for the one you intend to purchase.

Company details: QX World KFT, is registered in Hungary under company number 01-09-296566, EU VAT number: HU23957934 and with our registered office at Tinodi street 1-3, A. building, IV floor, door 93, 1095 Budapest, Hungary.

You can contact us at [email protected] or by phone at +1 (989) 681-1063 or +36 (21) 252-3799 or +1 (347) 480-1549 or +36 (21) 252-3799.