EDUCTOR64 Service Pack 8 8 2014


This service pack will update your version to the 8-8-2014 version! This version of the software contains multiple bug fixes and features.

There are new translations added to the new language pack to the Greek and French language!

Eductor users need to update their device firmware as well. To do so, please use the QXSUBSPACE APP. You will find detailed information on how to update on our website!

  • Version: 8-8-2014 (rev 11052015)

New features in 8-8-2014!

  • 2 new Pages in BIG (Quantum Bioresonant Biofeedback I and II) that work from the main Eductor program and only with the AFE therapies and contain biofeedback applications and real time VARHOPE measurements
  • EEG/ECG access from inside the main Eductor program (ONLY for EDUCTOR devices)
  • New Superbill report that saves the EEG and ECG pre and post, Demographics, billing info, and contains many useful contracts, waivers, and information
  • 20 new AFE therapies in NLP (QRB AFE Therapies)
  • New videos inside the big LCD screen Eductor
  • Option to remove the number labels from the Da Vinci man when the Test is running (under System power settings)
  • New French, new Greek translation
  • New disclaimers
  • Gamma brainwaves added to the second wave form generator selection options (ONLY for EDUCTOR devices)
  • Second wave from generator in the Eductor is now automatically choosing a Harmonic setting based on the client's needs (ONLY for EDUCTOR devices)
  • Insight Development button inside BIG, offers a personalized advice or affirmation to each client
  • New license agreement

Some of the glitches we fixed:

  • EEG/ECG panel in BIG (where they worked together) did not work, now it is fixed (ONLY for EDUCTOR devices)
  • Iridology always showing the same test results- now fixed
  • Varhope in BIG did not work – now it is fixed
  • Balance Intensity did not work in BIG - now it is fixed
  • GSR measure did not work in BIG – now it works
  • Time Therapies panel, English version, Degeneration and Inflammation/injuries therapies abbreviated
  • In the green homotxicology panel, the bottom label is sometimes too big and covers everything up. If you right click on it now, you can remove it. 
    The time label moved in Home Use so that it doesn't cover some other label

A new Zap for West African Diseases

-          NEW AFE Therapies under NLP, designed to improve sport abilities and learning skills:

  • GSR tDCs Superlearning Enhance
  • GSR tDCs Sport Performance

-          New videos under BIG Biofeedback Movies and Autofocus Emphasis tab: ‘Scholastic performance enhancement’ and ’Sport performance enhancement’

-          Hormone Streaming can now be done from NLP QRB Therapies! Select the desired hormone from the ‘Mental Factors and Emotion Chart’ panel and then start the Hormone Streaming AFE!

-          And ONLY for Eductor Owners: you can now do real time GSR and EMG Measurements inside the main program under the ECG/EEG/EMG panel!

Please note that this update has a fee of 300 EUR for the main SCIO/EDUCTOR program and 300 EUR for the BIG.