Seminar with Prof. William C. Nelson/

Desire'  Dubounet

Dear Practitioners,

Prof. Nelson and Ildiko Nelson have the great pleasure of inviting you to the International Seminar with Desire’ Dubounet/Prof. William C. Nelson, to be held in Budapest, Hungary, on 15-16 September 2012. This event is an option for those of you who cannot attend the QX World Conference on the 24-26 of September 2012 or the ones that want to make the maximum out of a trip to Budapest and get as much knowledge as possible.

Desire’ Dubounet, the inventor of the SCIO device, will share the latest information in the World of Biofeedback, the latest research and different protocols on working with the Clasp 32 software.

This two day event will offer you valuable information and research on Hormone Streaming for Enhancement of Sport Performance, the new version of 5.5.2012 software  and will reveal new ways of using the SCIO, the medical device that has drastically changed modern medicine.
The price of 210 EUR includes the two days of conference lectures and lunch.

For your accommodation, we recommend “Casa Sol Hotel Budapest” with prices from 30EUR/night + breakfast.

15 -16 September 2012
Kálvária tér 2
1089 Budapest
9 am-6 pm
210 EUR/2 days

For those of you who would like to take part at this event please send me your confirmation via e-mail or by phone.
Please send me your desire topics as well and personal information like:

-name / surname

-date of birth

-address /city /country

-telephone  nr. /  e-mail

For more information please feel free to contact us at:

Course organizer:

Gabriela Tavman 
E-mail  : stejar_gabriella@hotmail.comgabriellagabri@yahoo.com or by

Phone  : + 40 742 386 213

Nelson Ildiko

Email: ildikonelson@mail.com

Phone: +36703061444

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